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About myMeero Contracts
myMeero is a platform equipped with management tools to help photographers in their day-to-day work. myMeero allows photographers to create contracts & invoices in a few clicks.

I was brought on board to understand why there was little engagement in the contract creation tool and help evolve it!

Competitive Analysis
Curious about how our competitors handles contracts, I conducted a feature competitive analysis. Along with the analysis, I included a detailed list of suggested product enhancements.

It was clear that our current tool was behind on trends.
To help us understand how photographers deal with contracts, I conducted research with our users. As a result, we discovered that users would give up on our platform and finish their workflow on other sites.

Through research, we learned important things from our users:

1. Users started contracts and didn’t finish them due to little insight on how long it would take to complete

2. Users wanted to upload their own contracts

3. Users wanted to know more about a contract’s parts

4. Users wanted to spend the least amount of time filling anything out
Enhanced Contracts 1.0
Users weren't given visual insight into what step they were at when filling out a contract for their clients.

Categories provided transparency, insight into what they were filling out and what’s needed for a contract specialized in photography. Below you'll see an older version of myMeero and a hi-fidelity wireframe.
Above is a before image

A load bar proved to not be transparent enough for users. We had a lot of users complain about not knowing when the questions would end which caused them to quit early and often.
Above is my rendition of categories

Through our research we found the categories in which to have displayed for our users so they can fill items out faster and see where they are at till completion!

(I may have also been inspired by Turbo Tax in this version)
The most viewable update made currently was also the most voiced by users! While making this case study there were some changes made to myMeero for the public.

Uploading your own contracts

This allowed photographers the freedom to utilize contracts they’ve designed or have had created for them.

Note : not all updates proposed here made it through due to time constraints but will be released soon!
I started my creative career as a photographer and working on this project really made me feel compelled to make sure the user came first. I really pushed for unbiased research, user flows and user centered design.

myMeero was the first project I worked on with a team that is entirely abroad which presented many issues. It taught me the value of collaboration in the design process and it opened the door to products like Miro and Mural for real time collaboration!

Although this project is still ongoing, I know I’ve affected the team equally as they’ve affected design process.