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UX Design, UX Research, Prototyping

1 UX Designer, 1 Product Manager, 2 UI Designers, 2-3 Engineers
About myMeero Gallery
myMeero is a platform equipped with management tools to help photographers in their day-to-day work.

Creating, sending and editing galleries is a core user action for photographers on myMeero.
The lifecycle of a gallery on myMeero began at creating a job, then adding information, to finally add photos to a gallery that photographers can send to clients.

Users would drop off at creating a job to complete their galleries for clients elsewhere.

This was something that we needed to focus on and understand about our users. Why were they leaving so fast? How might we improve the experience and encourage productivity?

Web Analytics & Research
Web analytics displayed high bounce rates and users spending too much time in certain areas of myMeero. I dove into user research to uncover the why.

We learned important things from our users:

1. Users mainly started their journey in myMeero by making a gallery

2. Users wanted to create a standalone gallery quickly without attaching it to a job or client in another tab/section of myMeero

3. Users wanted to send a gallery from the Gallery section without having to leave/view the myBusiness section to create one

4. Users wanted to view photo file names on the image thumbnail, to make their process with clients easier when communicating about specific photos
Creating New Galleries
Our research showed us that users started their journey on myMeero by creating a gallery through another section of myMeero. Currently myMeero gallery was just used to view albums. While our attention was on Galleries and our data showed this had the most activity, it made the most sense to start the journey there and this option to our user!

New Gallery

Adding a +New Gallery button from within the gallery section was simple and enhanced the experience for since research showed this is often where our users started their task flow first.

Attach a Gallery to a Contact

Once users create a new gallery they are prompted with this pop up so they can attach a client and job easily.

*Prior to this, the Gallery section was just a place to view albums.*
Photo File Names

Lastly, we definitely could not forget to clearly present photo file names! Our users did not want to click the photo to then view the file name and go back and repeat!

So, a solution was to print the file name when users hovered over an image.
At the moment, we’re still testing but we have received a lot of feedback and noticed positive changes!

We’ve noticed:

1. An increase in the creation of galleries
2. Increase in the full cycle use of the gallery section
3. A 5% decrease in bounce rates.
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