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iridescence INSIDE

Rafabas is a band with a new and vibrant sound.
Their sound and thoughts based on their music
reflected the album in many ways.

Cover Art
Art Direction

She designs creative agency

She Designs Creative Agency promotes, educates and uplifts women in the land of UX.
Their visual branding was therefore to be filled with bright and inspiring content.
Displayed here, is a layout of all the posts created for this project. GIF's were included as well as motivational and original quotes.

Content Creation
Visual Branding
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Diario de una latina

'El Diario De Una Latina,' is a community created
by women for women. This community seeks to provide resources for women from women in successful industries. I worked closely with the founders to create something simple and approachable for a community of  women.

Art Direction

if i die later today

Cover art for artist, Stewartz album.

Cover Art
Art Direction

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